WE ARE SO BACK. Streaming again starting today, check the center of the page for ongoing schedule updates!


I am offering my experience with Yipbot to build custom chatbots for Twitch!

If you're interested, check out my Kobold Interactive Cohost post!


Finally fixed my Legendary Dogs mod for Caves of Qud!

I honestly struggle to play without it because I enjoy it so much.

Steam Workshop -- Source Code

If you have any issues please report it on the Steam page!


I now have no income.

I was meaning to leave for non-health reasons, but now because of my health I'm out of a job.

This means I get to focus on my health, and try to work on an actual business!

It also means I'm gonna stream! YAYYY!!!

Check the center panel for the latest stream info :]

This week's streams are planned Wednesday 4-6pm pacific, and Friday 1-4pm pacific.

I'm gonna stream some Warframe!

Also I'm going to be more active on Patreon. Check it out!




Sorry I am so flaky about streaming and don't have much of a schedule yet.

I've been dealing with long Covid, and things are kind of too much lately.

Hopefully I'll be able to get back to streaming more regularly soon but this year is looking like I might need the extra time for life stuff, so we'll see.

If I do stream, I'll always announce it on Cohost!


yipbot is now a game master of a chat-based RPG!

Whenever I'm live and streaming on Twitch, you can now opt into the game by sending `!rpg start`, which will start you off at level 1!

To level up, all you have to do is chat - every message adds 1 xp!

The main two actions are `!rpg scavenge` and `!rpg fight`, which allows you to scavenge gear, or fight other players!

Fights are short and quick - it sums your level and your gear's level, then rolls a number between 0 and your total. The winner gets XP and steals a piece of gear!

There's also a chance that you can scavenge a trap. If you set a trap on a player, they have to wait 30 seconds before they can chat, or else they automatically count as losing a fight against you!

You can also look up instructions on yipbot's help page.

Hope I can make time to stream soon - see you then!


Hi kobolds and friends!

I caught covid after my trip to Adventure X, and tested positive since 11/6. As of 11/25 I am officially testing negative finally, but it's made me realize some things about my health that feels incompatible with how I'm currently living my life, and what I want out of it.

In short, I'm going to work on transitioning into solo game dev and other projects.

You can read more about it here on Cohost

If you'd like to support me during this transition, my Patreon is currently the best way to do that.

Thanks y'all, I hope this works out, and I hope I can stabilize my physical and mental health next year :]


Wowza, we hit almost 25k views here. Thanks y'all, I hope I can muster enough creative energy for you more the rest of the year!

Stream Schedule: Check out my pinned post on Cohost!

We're gonna be eating kids for our main Halloween stream, and if I can manage it, I'm doing a bonus Halloween stream showcasing a game that scarred me growing up. It'll be great!


Stream Schedule: Wednesday 6pm pacific, Saturday 2pm pacific!

The workshop was a blast! The next one is planned for 9/16 at 10am Pacific! See here for details.


Stream Schedule: Wednesday 6pm pacific, Saturday 2pm pacific!

Also hosting a ttrpg workshop! See here for details.


No stream today, gonna have to go on a short hiatus. See you in August!


I finally launched the Kobold Town forum!

I am currently extending invites to friends and my first 10 patrons on my Patreon.

I'm planning on integrating dice rolling into it at some point, and will be using it as the main place where I show off and play the ttrpg I've been developing on and off for five or so years! Check if out if you're interested, most posts are public :]


More of The Game of Fourtune today at 2pm Pacific! Twitch link here!

New song today also :] Listen to The Foundation here!

On Saturday, June 3rd at 2pm I'll be LIVE from my laptop playing The Game of Fourtune!!! Unfortunately my desktop motherboard had its crypto keys leaked which means my computer is inherently insecure now, so I'm going to have to build a new desktop before I can back get into other games. Catch me on Twitch!

Hey folks, stream canceled. Our house is having renovations done to it and it's made the place I stream from not really usable as a result. Apologies, it'll be a couple weeks more. Curses! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Next stream: May 13th 11am PDT -- playing The Game of Fourtune

Wow, we hit 10k views on here! Thanks for checking out my site <3

I am building a Gameboy game and have launched my Patreon! Check it out here! Once the game is done we'll see what I do with the Patreon. I am still planning on building my game server service out more as well, so if you're interested in that, stay tuned!

...we finished Outer Wilds!

I have no other streams planned at the moment as life is keeping me very busy digging through ruins, but once we come back I will be playing The Game of Fourtune, a Danganronpa-like recommended by a friend!

wyx streamed for The Lavender Clinic from February through and including Sunday, March 26th, when they hosted an all day stream!

wyx forwarded the full amount of all $ proceeds and we raised a total of $116.08!!! Winner list of the sweepstakes can be found below! Thank you for showing up for me and for trans healthcare <3


wyx (all lowercase!) is a kobold whose pronouns are they/them.

They are having a lot of fun streaming on Twitch, creating random things, and making art with friends!

wyx can be regularly observed in their natural habitat gaming regularly on Twitch.

Stream schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, all times Pacific.

Monday, 7/15, 4pm-8pm: Master of Magic Monday!

Tuesday, 7/16, 4pm-8pm: Dwarf Fortress! Starring: Kobolds! The Pillar of Sands stands tall and translucent!

Saturday, 7/27, No Stream - Will be at the Adventure Game Fan Fair!

They like to stream a variety of games, especially adventure, rpg, and simulation games!

wyx also runs a forum called Kobold Town where they are developing a 3d6 TTRPG system. Check it out!

wyx says TRANS RIGHTS!

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