Twitch Chat Commands

  • !artist

    Tells you who the vtuber artist is.

  • !charity

    Details the charity we're currently raising money for, if any, and how to contribute.

  • !discord

    Posts an invite link to chat.

    These links usually last a week at most. If it's expired, ask wyx!

  • !hello

    The power of the Chosen Undead greets whom you wish.

  • !music

    Tells you what the intro music is and who it's made by.

  • !yip, !yiphelp

    You gain yips over time and can use !yip to make yipbot yip! You can hold up to 100 yips at a time.

    Command format: !yip <number of yips> <number of milliseconds between yips>

  • !yipsong

    yipbong will sing for you!

    Command format: !yip <song name>

    Song names:

    • mario
    • girl
    • charge
    • sans
    • yakety
    • yipshanty2
    • blinded
    • angel -- mod only
    • custom - !yipsong custom [<midi note number> <milliseonds until next note>] [...] ... max of 16 notes
  • !raffle

    Enters the active raffle!

    !raffle optout will guarantee your name does not get pulled. (Not yet implemented)


Yipbot is a public code-facing tool wyx maintains for their stream.

If you want to use it on your Twitch stream, feel free to!
I'll even help you figure out how to set it up if you like, just hit me up via email.

You can play with yipbot here!

You can view yipbot's source code here.

my son yipbot.  he is a simple boy.  please do not disturb him too much.